incicio solaris partnership

INCICO & SOLARIS: An agreement for the development of biotechnology

The future of the Planet is inextricably linked to the development of Biotechnologies. The validity and evidence of this principle are now clear to everyone, and not only for the effects of the terrible pandemic of COVID-19, which, in less than 12 months, has upset the whole world and transformed the lives of its inhabitants.

The field of application of biotechnologies is vast: from the development of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and antibiotics, from proteins to artificial food products, from yeasts to preservatives, from new biodegradable polymers to bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and biofuels.

A planet that sees the constant growth of its population and food consumption must absolutely find a new point of balance that stops the process of impoverishment and destruction of the environment that, in recent years, has reached a critical level close to the point of no return.

In this context, INCICO and SOLARIS have chosen to create a partnership : the goal is to combine expertise and excellence in the plant engineering sector and the fermentation and development processes of biotechnologies.

The two realities met thanks to the shared experience gained on the biodegradable bioplastics PHA plant in Castel San Pietro Terme, which saw SOLARIS and INCICO protagonists in the development of the bioreactor process and, subsequently, in the development of all the engineering of the production plant.

Now, with the agreement signed in April 2021, INCICO and SOLARIS take a decisive step forward to pool their know-how and technical skills to foster the development of innovative technologies in the sector of new materials and the food industry.

Thanks also to the collaboration with research laboratories and start-ups that, at an international level, are committed to the new biotechnologies, INCICO and SOLARIS will be able to promote and launch new solutions and products applicable on an industrial scale to respond to the challenges of our future.