INCICO Spa, a constantly evolving reality

INCICO’s infrastructure sector was established in 2019 to develop participation in engineering tenders for public procurement to build roads, railways, and ports.

After obtaining the qualification in the RFI supplier register for the unlimited class in civil design, a recent impulse to activities in the infrastructural field derives from the entry of INCICO into the Hub Engineering consortium, a stable organization with highly qualified references, particularly in linear infrastructures, but also by the stable collaboration agreement with Cemes, a company of Pisa specialized in railway works.

The rapid growth of the branch pushed INCICO to strengthen the infrastructure sector with qualified personnel and dedicated technological resources that make INCICO a company ready to support public bodies, institutions, businesses, and private companies engaged in the development programs of the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), which places infrastructures among the priorities for the relaunch of the country.

INCICO’s recent works in the railway sector

In recent months, INCICO’s infrastructure sector recorded a significant development also thanks to partnership agreements with other qualified players in the field. An example is a collaboration with CEMES for the RFI integrated contract for maintenance work on railway lines in the Pisa and Friuli territories. As an Agent of a grouping of Italian engineering companies, INCICO also participated in the RFI multilot tender for the design of upgrading works on the Italian railway system; this grouping ranked first in the ranking for three lots for which the procurement processes are underway.

Several years ago, INCICO started an intense collaboration with FER (Ferrovie Emilia-Romagna) and completed the final design of the Guastalla underpass and various validation interventions on the projects for the suppression of level crossings on the Bologna-Portomaggiore line and the burying of the FER and RFI railway lines of the city of Ferrara.

As the projects grow, so does the team! INCICO recently reinforced its infrastructure division with new and qualified professionals who work with IT design tools with the BIM methodology to be able to follow each project, from the design phase to the accounting.

Cinque Terre Express 

As part of the collaboration with CEMES for the RFI works, INCICO is developing an executive project for an intervention that will allow the launch of the Cinque Terre Express train departing from the La Spezia-Migliarina station.

The project was launched thanks to the agreements made by the President of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti, the Mayor of La Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini, and the Managing Director and General Manager of RFI, Maurizio Gentile, to ensure an efficient interconnection between the 5 Terre Express and tourist buses, public buses, and private vehicles.